Friday, June 10, 2005

Moss: Collins Better Than Culpepper

Onterrio Smith might not have been the only member of the 2004 Vikings in need of the "Whizzinator." Especially if Moss truly believes what he said in a recent ESPN interview.

Moss told SportsCenter that, "When it comes to athleticism, Daunte has Kerry beat. But Kerry has pocket presence and knows how to read defenses. So Kerry has a slight step over Daunte."

Uh, yeah. Moss also said that Marc Wilson had a better pocket presence than Fran Tarkington, so consider the source.

Statistics can sometimes lie, but Culpepper has a passer rating of 93.2, compared to Collins' career mark of 73.3. And never mind the fact that Culpepper led the Hater Nation to a fantasy football league title in 2004. There isn't a general manager in the league that would trade Culpepper straight up for Collins right now.

Maybe Moss only remembers how the Vikings folded in the 2000 NFC Championship Game.

It's admirable that Moss is going to stick up for his current quarterback, but we give this budding romance as much of a chance as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. It's just convenient at this time. Wait until Collins misses him a few times this season and check back with Moss' feelings at that time. Moss will likely be willing to trade an authentic jersey to have a quarterback like Culpepper by week five.

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