Thursday, May 19, 2005


Call this the least surprising story of the year. Terrell Owens is holding out for more money and he's taking shots at his quarterback.

Owens claimed to be a reformed man only one year ago. It was the media that vilified him in San Francisco. The whole business about suing the NFL to get out of a trade in Baltimore--that was just one big misunderstanding. Owens lived up those claims for one season in Philadelphia.

Owens even became somewhat of a martyr when he overcame a devastating injury to play in the Super Bowl.

Owens couldn't capitalize on this goodwill. Instead of using the Super Bowl to show that world that we were all wrong about him, Owens has used this offseason to show the world that we were all correct. All of the concerns and doubts about Owens were right on the money.

Owens is a selfish player who only cares about money and getting ahead. Pity those poor Philadelphia fans that had bought into T.O. being a team guy. A guy that wanted to get the Eagles to the Super Bowl.

Owens has already missed a preseason mini-camp and has called out his quarterback Donovan McNabb. The only thing left for him to do is to insinuate that McNabb is gay, and the cycle will be complete.

McNabb is the guy you have to feel for in this situation. What has this guy done to deserve that treatment that he has received during his NFL career? McNabb was booed on draft day, lost three consecutive NFC Championship Games, wandering unwittingly into the middle of the Rush Limbaugh controversy, and now this whole T.O. scandal.

If anybody should want out of Philadelphia, it should be McNabb.


This passage came from the Hater Nation update on November, 7:

To quote T.O. from Playboy magazine, "If it looks like a rat, smells like a rat, by golly, it's a rat."

T.O. looks like a malcontent, smells like a malcontent, by golly, he's a malcontent. T.O. will start to point the fingers. And at that point look for McNabb to pull out the metal folding chair and knock it over T.O.'s head.

Looks like the Nation was ahead of the curve on that one.


Kellen Winslow II is quickly gaining ground to become the dumbest guy in the NFL.

NFL players, they just want to smoke pot, shoot steroids, and do tricks on their motorcycles like everybody else.

But there is more.

* The Pittsburgh Steelers received this stunning revelation. We expected a little bit more from Touchdown Tommy.

* Avid diver Drew Brees, who has swam with sharks, said that he won't water ski or skydive this offseason.

Football isn't risky enough?


Tim Hasselbeck signed with the Giants. That means more crowd shots of Elisabeth Filarski. The Giants are now one Jason Sehorn signing away from having an all-star wives in the stands shot of Filarski sitting with Angie Harmon.

Adam Archuletta proved that Ned Flanders was right when he said that Heaven was easier to get into than Arizona State. Archuletta says that he feels 6,000 percent better this season. He should be fun to dupe come contract extension time.

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bucky said...

"Adam Archuletta proved that Ned Flanders was right when he said that Heaven was easier to get into than Arizona State."

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