Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Raiders invade Dodger Stadium

One common question asks, "What happened to all of the Raiders fans in Los Angeles?"

They became Dodgers fans.

The Raiders and Dodgers fans always have been linked--much like Angels and the defunct Rams fans. But the violence of Raiders football had managed to keep itself out of chives Ravine.

At least until now.

Things have become so bad at Dodger Stadium recently, uniformed LAPD officers have been asked to be deployed at the Stadium. Yeah, asking the LAPD to keep the peace is like asking Lynndie England to watch over the inmates. With the deployment, the Raiders element has finally taken hold of Dodger Stadium.

The unraveling of Dodger Stadium began with a promotion called $2 Tuesday. Fans can purchase pavilion seating for only $2. The promotion quickly became known as "Tuesday Fight Night."

If there is one thing that Raiders fans love more than fighting, it's cheap tickets. Why did the Dodgers stop there? Why not offer $1 beers and call it, "We're not carding night?" If you offer cheap tickets, you are going to draw the Raiders fans out of hiding and give them a reason to do what they do best--get drunk and start fights at sporting events.

Dodger Stadium is now on par with the Coliseum during the final days of the Raiders stay in Los Angeles. And for what? To get a few extra people in the stadium.


The whole Randy Moss to Oakland saga has not gone unnoticed and will be addressed more completely in future postings. But it's a safe bet that the Randy Moss #18 Raiders jersey is already the most popular jersey among Raiders fans, inmates (like there is a difference), and rap stars.

Maybe now you can afford a Vince Ferragamo jersey.

The best thing about this move is that it has renewed Raiders fans interest in the team. But unless Randy Moss has mastered the trick of throwing the ball to himself downfield or playing pass defense, this move isn't going to have much of an impact for the Raiders.

At least the Raiders fans have their hopes up now. It was getting pretty dangerous for a while there as reality was sinking in for some Raiders fans. Now they can go back to being their impetuous selves.


Drugs are big news during the NFL this offseason.

Bill Romanowski admitted that he pushed the envelope with steroids this week. What are the odds taht a former Raiders and Broncos player would admit to this?.

Onterrio Smith did a lot to prove a theory that pot smokers are among some of the dumbest people on Earth and he ended up missing a mini-camp because of it. Smith is now missing mini-camp.

The average sports writer always asks, "Is it worth millions to keep smoking pot?" And that's not a fair point. Brett Favre admitted that he was still drinking beers even though he was violating league policy. Hell, he did it during Super Bowl weekend in New Orleans for Super Bowl XXXI.

If you banned alcohol, how many players would give up the occasional beer or scotch or whatever? So it isn't entirely fair to blame Smith for that.

But a lot of players in that situation would be a little big smarter about hiding the "Whizzinator."


A fan was recently jailed for throwing a beer at struggling Yankees slugger Jason Giambi. It's a story that made national news, and that's just wrong. If you publicize stories about fans being arrested for throwing debris on that field, that means less fans will be throwing stuff on the field.

And then what would Raiders fans do at games?

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