Sunday, January 30, 2005

Where is everybody?

Imagine waking up on Fremont Street today excited about the big game only to learn that the Super Bowl is next week. No wonder the rooms were so cheap.

Just kidding. But that's not far from the truth of a certain Chris Farley-look alike that would typically get to Las Vegas on Tuesday for the Super Bowl and wonder why he was burned out before the game even started.

And for the record that is not us. We instead look like the Fat Chandler, not Farley.


This is a complex Super Bowl. The experts are so overwhelmingly against the Eagles that it seems like it would make sense to bet on Philadelphia and look like a genius at the sports book.

A plus for the Eagles would be that nobody took the Patriots seriously prior to their Super Bowl victory over St. Louis. And that's a compelling argument. The only problem is that this game seems to smack more the Giants and Raven in Super Bowl XXXV.

St. Louis did not have a defense in its Super Bowl loss. The Patriots do. Plus the Patriots seem to have a better balance between offense and defense to seem like a mortal lock.

But there is the sticking point of having New England fans happy again. Do they really deserve a World Series victory and consecutive Super Bowl victories?

It's a tough call. Call this a game time decision. And the deciding factor might come down to which fans are the most well behaved on Fremont Street next week.


Ron Eldard is starring in a new drama on ABC called Blind Justice. The same Ron Eldard that once starred in Men Behaving Badly.



The Hater Nation does not like Terrell Owens. But why are the critics calling him out for trying to play in the Super Bowl? If this was Peyton Manning, ESPN would be fellating Manning as the bravest quarterback ever to put on a pair of cleats.

Instead Owens is called "selfish" because he's trying to lead his team to a Super Bowl victory. Owens is guilty of many things, but this certainly isn't one of them.

BAD FORM has asked its expert panel of columnist where the Patriots will rank--in terms of a dynasty--when they win their third Super Bowl in four years. Do you really want to put your money on this team with bad karma like that? It's enough to make you want to wager on the Eagles.

Until you see highlights of McNabb throwing bounce-passes to his receivers.


Why do women's sports have a credibility problem when pictures like this are published?


It's a mystery, no?


When you get tired of all of the Super Bowl b.s., be sure to check out the Hater Nation this week. We're working on something so huge, it's bound to be talked about for hours, no days to come.

Alirght, it might not be that great, but be sure to check back soon.

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