Monday, December 20, 2004



Eagles receiver Terrell Owens will miss the rest of the regular season and the playoffs with a sprained ankle and a broken bone in his leg. The star receiver will undergo surgery on Wednesday.

Now it looks like Donovan McNabb will not get a chance to break Danny White's record for NFC Championship Game futility--the club likely won't make it that far. The Eagles became just another run-of-the-mill NFC team without Owens.

Owens, ever the team player, said that he would continue to stick around with his teammates during its playoff run.

"I'm behind them. I told them that I would be their biggest cheerleader,' Owens said.

Lord knows he's had practice.


There has been a long-running joke on the Hater Nation that the Raiders celebrate regular season wins like they just won the Super Bowl.

Two Raiders didn't realize that it was just a joke.

Cornerback Charles Woodson and Marques Anderson were arrested early Monday for investigation of public intoxication following the Raiders victory, according to Janie Pauley of the Associated Press.

The Oakland Police Department said that the players were arrested at 4:20 a.m. in downtown Oakland after refusing to leave the back seat of a woman's (read: stripper's) car. Both were jailed briefly, police spokesman Danielle Ashford said.

"Apparently what happened, an officer in our transportation section wsa flagged down by a woman who said that the men were in the back of her car and wouldn't get out," said Ashford. "They were very uncooperative. They had problems maintaining their balance, bloodshot water eyes and had a strong odor of alcohol. They were acting in a beligernet manner."

It's nice to see that Woodson and Anderson wanted to celebrate their "huge" victory in the one spot where they could interact with their fans--in jail.

And give the pair credit. At least they waited until after their Super Bowl to start partying, unlike Barret Robbins.


buckyor said...

Marques Anderson? busted? I don't believe it!! Someone tell Mike Sherman!

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